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The Rappahannock Regional Jail will ensure the safety of, and provide the highest quality service to, the citizens of Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County and the City of Fredericksburg. This will be accomplished by maintaining the highest level of professionalism in all services undertaken by this agency to include providing a humane, cost effective, secure correctional setting for those persons remanded to the custody of this agency, as well as those on community supervision; thus contributing to the swift and impartial adjudication of all criminal matters before the courts.




In June of 2000, the Jail moved into a new, 264,000 square foot, state-of-the-art corrections facility that was designed to meet the current and future corrections needs of this rapidly expanding area. Construction of this facility began in May of 1998 and the building was occupied on schedule. The total project costs were approximately $65 million. $25 million was financed through short term borrowing, and was paid in full after receiving reimbursement from the Commonwealth.


Due to progressive law enforcement, the courts issuing meaningful sentencing for offenders, the forecasting of area population growth as well as current overcrowding, a decision was made in May 2006 to expand the facility by another 110,335 sq. ft., allowing for a maximum inmate population of 2013. The facility opened the new expansion in November 2008 after 18 months of construction, now totaling 374,335 sq. ft. Total project costs were approximately $58 million. $25.6 million was financed through short term borrowing, and was paid after receiving reimbursement from the Commonwealth. Both the original construction and the expansion were under budget and on time.


The Jail employs 300 persons, has an average daily inmate count in excess of 1,000, and an annual operating budget of $46 million. Its kitchen serves over 4000 meals daily. The jail further serves the local communities and public safety through options to incarceration with its programs of Community Based Probation, Pretrial Services, Drug Court, Home Electronic Incarceration, and Work Release. Approximately 2,000 persons residing in the local community are under the supervision of these programs.


Other regional cooperative efforts occur under the auspices of the Jail, such as the Regional Law Enforcement LAN, which enhances information sharing between local law enforcement agencies, and the Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB). The CCJB seeks to enhance regional cooperation throughout the entire local criminal justice structure on a variety of law enforcement, judicial, corrections, and rehabilitative issues. Its membership includes local judges, local sheriffs, and members of the legal community, representatives of public education and the Community Services Board.


The Rappahannock Regional Jail serves the adult correction needs of the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, and the City of Fredericksburg.

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