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Rappahannock Regional Jail encourages inmates to write to family, friends, and other community contacts to maintain these ties during incarceration.

Important Updates:

June 20, 2023: Third Party vendor will accept inmate correspondence. 


July 1, 2023: Rappahannock Regional Jail will no longer accept Inmate Correspondence.

Effective July 31, 2023: Personal inmate correspondence received at the Rappahannock Regional Jail will be returned to sender.



  • Rappahannock Regional Jail has contracted with a third-party vendor for inmate correspondence.  Please visit their web site for more information.

  • All personal mail such as letters, pictures, and drawings will now be digitally delivered to your incarcerated loved one or friend via tablet.




  • Original Documents, Photos, and Drawings will not be stored by the third-party vendor or the Rappahannock Regional Jail.


  • All documents, photos, and drawings will be destroyed after they are scanned to the inmate by the third-party vendor.


  • At this time, once an inmate leaves the custody of Rappahannock Regional Jail they will not be able to access their personal correspondence.



If mailing via the U.S. Postal Service, the envelope

should be addressed as follows:



Full Name & Full Address in

upper left corner of the envelope


Address to:
Rappahannock Regional Jail, VA
Inmate's Name, Inmate Identifier
P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

Please use your correct return name and

address and the inmate’s correct legal

name and ID number.


  • Money orders / certified checks will still be mailed directly to the facility and will be credited to the inmate’s account.

  • Please address a plain envelope as follows:

Inmates Full Legal Name

Inmates ID Number

PO Box 3300

Stafford  VA  22555

  • Please ensure the return address is printed clearly on the outside of the envelope.

  • Ensure the money order / certified check is completely filled out to the inmate with their full legal name and inmate identification number.

  • Please keep a copy of the money order / certified check.

  • WARNING: Any other items in the envelope will not be stored by the Rappahannock Regional Jail or placed in the inmate’s property.


  • The mailroom will continue to accept legal mail.

  • Legal mail will be accepted Monday thru Saturday and delivered as soon as possible.

  • Please note Legal Mail on the envelope.

  • Please address Legal Mail as follows:

Inmates Full Legal Name

Inmates ID Number

PO Box 3300

Stafford  VA  22555


  • There comes a time when inmates and members of the community need documents that are other than legal in nature (birth certificates, car titles, etc.)

  • These items will be handled on a case by case bases via the Inmate Services Manager.

  • Inmates may also start this process with their assigned Case Manager.

  • Once approval has been granted, please follow the directions given by the Case Manager.


  • Inmates must receive prior approval for books, newspapers, and magazines to be accepted into the facility.

  • Inmate must submit a request form to obtain approval. Family members cannot obtain approval for the inmate.

  • Books must be new and soft backed.

  • No hardback books are accepted at any time.

  • ALL books/newspapers/magazines must be ordered from a publisher or bookstore and sent directly to the facility after the inmate obtains the approval.

  • Publications should be sent to:

Inmates Full Legal Name

Inmates ID Number

PO Box 3300

Stafford  VA  22555


  • Items arriving without approval will be returned to sender.

  • Items arriving in an envelope with previously approved documents will not be stored by Rappahannock Regional Jail or in the inmate’s property.


  • Inmates MAY NOT receive: blank envelopes, blank paper, postage stamps, or pre-paid envelopes. These items may be purchased through commissary. 

  • Personal check(s), travelers check(s), or cash are prohibited

  • Cards are not to exceed 8x10 inches in size and/or consist of two or more folds.

  • The following items are prohibited: mechanical devices (to include musical greeting cards), glued backs, white-out and other adhesives or attachments (to include stickers, ribbons, thread, removable decorations, and glitter), perfume, lipstick or any foreign substance. 

  • Any material (written or otherwise) posing a threat to security and to the safety of the inmate population and the public is not permitted.

  • Puzzles and blank coloring pages are not permitted. An inmate may place a book request to obtain approval for these items.

  • Mail cannot contain drawings and/or colorings. Nothing may be written in marker, colored pencil crayon or glitter pen.

  • Pictures may be no larger than size 4"x 6" / cannot exceed limit of 20 photos / Polaroid picture(s) are prohibited / sexually explicit pictures are prohibited. 

  • Publications (books, newspapers, magazines and/or catalogs) that are not new, soft-back, pre-approved and received from a vendor are prohibited. 

  • Padded/protected envelopes or flats, or envelopes with prohibited items (listed above) attached to the outside - all such envelopes will be refused and returned unopened to the sender without any notification to the inmate. 

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