A visitor from a legal or medical entity, such as the courts, mental health, or law enforcement.


Professionals include:


  • Attorneys or authorized members of their staff

  • Probation and Parole Officers

  • Social Workers

  • Police Officers

  • Mental Health Professionals who are cleared by the jail

  • Clergy who have been cleared by the jail



  • Family members with whom inmates are related may not visit that inmate in a professional capacity.

  • Attorneys must hand deliver legal documents directly to the inmate or mail directly to the inmate.

  • Clergy visits are on a first-come, first-served basis. Clergy are asked to call in advance for the best visitation times.


Professional attire is required.  All professional visitors must meet the same dress code as regular visitors. Shorts are not permitted.



You must register with the lobby officer, with one of the following credentials:


  • Photo Identification

  • Organization Identification


If you are going to meet with several inmates, you need to provide the lobby staff with a list so that they can coordinate your visit.


You must secure your personal property in the coin-operated lockers, or you may elect to lock your personal property in your vehicle (keys, cigarettes, lighters, money, handbags, pagers, cell phones, etc.)


You are not permitted to give your client anything other than legal paperwork unless approved by facility officials.

Rappahannock Regional Jail Visitation

Professionals & Clergy Visiting Hours:


Minimize Wait Time

To eliminate extended wait time, private attorneys, public defenders and probation/parole officers may fax visitation requests to: 540-658-1696.


The faxed request should include:

  1. Date and Time of Visit.

  2. Inmate's Full Name 


  PLEASE BE ADVISED: This fax number is to be used for Professional Visits Only.


Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 11:20AM, 1:30PM - 4:20PM, & 6:30PM - 8:20PM.



**No weekend visits will be scheduled, with the exception of attorneys who may visit on Saturdays, 8:30AM - 11:20AM.**



Family and friends may schedule a visit to the jail online  with the Renovo-Web Scheduler. All visits are Monday through Friday only.


All visitors must be signed up to visit 15 minutes before the visitation begins.


Video visitation is scheduled by the visitor via the Internet. Visitors may go to the Renovo-Web Scheduler to schedule their visit. Visits are conducted utilizing state of the art video teleconference equipment.


Visitors may schedule a visit online from 24 - 72 hours in advance. Inmates will receive one, 45 minute visit each week.  It is the responsibility of the visitor to schedule their visit online.


Inmates are not eligible for visitation during the first 72 hours of incarceration to allow for classification and placement into specified housing. This process sometimes takes longer than 72 hours. You will receive an error message until you are able to schedule the visit.



Check your email often prior to your scheduled visit for unexpected changes, no matter how far in advance or beyond the court date. 


Cancellations may also occur due to disciplinary reasons. You will not be able to visit until the inmate has served his/her disciplinary time and returns to population. Check email often for cancellations. The visit can not be granted if you show up for the scheduled visitation.

If the person you are visiting has a scheduled court date on the date of your scheduled visit, the Renovo Scheduler will automatically cancel the visit. Once the inmate has returned to his/her housing area, you must reschedule the visit.


1. Personal Items - You may not bring anything in for an inmate during a scheduled visitation. A quarter is needed to lock up all personal items. No food, drink or personal items (except eyeglasses) may be brought into the visitation area. Visitors requiring medical necessary items, such as inhalers, nitroglycerin tablets, wheelchairs/walkers, and insulin pumps will be allowed to carry them into visitation.


2. Search - All persons entering the premises are subject to search. Those who are intoxicated or appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to remain on the premises.


3. Scheduling - Each registered visitor must have a separate individual email account. Only two visitors are allowed per inmate INCLUDING a baby or child. A baby or child must be added to the visit in order to bring the child to the visit. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Only individuals indicated on your confirmation (which confirms the reservation) will be allowed to visit. No walk-in visits are allowed. You must schedule your own visit or have someone schedule your visit for you. Jail Staff will not schedule your visit for you. 


4. Identification - A photo ID is required for all visitors. Children/teenagers require a current school ID or DMV children’s ID to verify ages. 


The Jail accepts the following identification ONLY:


  • DMV issued ID or Driver’s License with current photo

  • Passport

  • Military ID

  • CURRENT school ID (for minors only)

  • Birth Certificate and/or legal custody agreement for minors 


5. Personal Conduct - Visitors must remain seated during the visit.  Standing in the visitation booth or stacking chairs is prohibited. Visitors are expected to behave in an appropriate manner during visitation (i.e. no exposure or offensive gestures towards inmates or other visitors). Any damage to the equipment or facility will not be tolerated and criminal charges will be placed against as well as restitution. No profanity is allowed.


 6. Children - Children must be supervised at all times. If a child is disruptive, (i.e. crying, screaming, running, etc.), the accompanying adult will be asked to control the child or leave.  Children may not sit on the visitation window ledge.  Children are not allowed to run or play within the visitation or lobby area.  Diaper changing in the visitation or lobby area is prohibited.


7. Dress Code -  Clothing must be of a modest, conservative nature.


The following guidelines will be enforced:


  • NO skirts/dresses shorter than 1inch above the knee


  • NO see-through clothing (lace, sheer, etc.)


  • NO low-cut shirts, blouses or t-shirts, or shoulder-less dresses


  • NO short shirts exposing the stomach or chest area (i.e. halters, back out shirts, spaghetti straps, camisoles, etc. with or without a cover-up are prohibited)


  • NO short shorts or cut-off shorts - Shorts must be no shorter than 3" above the knee


  • NO high-splits (skirts, slacks or shirts)


  • NO clothing with racial contexts,  vulgarity, or profanity


  • NO headgear except for those for religious purposes

  • NO sleeveless shirts


To avoid microphone issues for updated Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. Alternative browsers are available by following steps below:


1. Download and install Adobe Flash:

2. Download and install Firefox:

3. Open Firefox, go to the visitation website for their facility and proceed like normal.