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General Rules for At-Home Visits:

Participation in video visitation is a privilege, not a right. Both visitor and inmate are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at all times during a video visit.

Rappahannock Regional Jail reserves the right to deny, cancel or terminate a video visit prior to or during a video session based upon visitor or inmate misconduct. Rappahannock Regional Jail also reserves the right to restrict visitors from participating in all future use of the system.

All family members/friends video visits are recorded and subject to electronic monitoring by Rappahannock Regional Jail personnel. Your use of this video visitation system constitutes consent to this recording and monitoring.

All current Rappahannock Regional Jail visitation rules apply to At-Home visitation as well as the following rules below:

  1. No unauthorized persons at the monitor.

  2. Flashing of body parts is NOT allowed.

  3. Inmates are allowed (1) At-Home Visit per week or (1) on site visit per week as scheduling permits.

  4. Inmate availability is based on housing unit rules and/or disciplinary status

  5. Visiting may be canceled at any time. A credit voucher may be issued for unforeseen circumstances that result in the cancelation of an At-Home visit by the facility.

  6. Once a visit has started and is canceled or terminated by the facility for

    failure to comply with visiting rules a credit voucher WILL NOT be issued.


Special Orders:

All Restraining Orders and or Protection Orders known to staff will be enforced.

Rappahannock Regional Jail At Home Visitation
Rappahannock Regional Jail At Home Visitation



Monday thru Friday 

(EST Time Zone)

9:00AM - 10:45AM

1:30PM - 4:15PM

Online Visitation: Yes

$15 for up to a 25 minute visit*


All visitors must be signed in 15 minutes prior to scheduled visit start time.

Cancellation Policy:

All visits must be cancelled 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund. Cancellations between 24 and 48 hours in advance will receive a 50% refund. 

Cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit will not be refunded. 


*Prices and times subject to change. Current times and prices will be shown during the scheduling process online.

Requirements to Schedule a Visit:

  • Valid photo ID is required for all visitors at check-in.

  • For online visitation, an internet enabled device with a camera, speakers and microphone (or headset) is required, as well as a debit or credit card.

  • You must provide the facility with a valid email address where you can receive email. If you do not have an email address, there are many webmail providers who o er free email accounts. An email account is required for account creation and for using the online registration tool.

  • After you are registered with the facility, visit the website and click “Forgot Password” and enter the email address you provided to the facility in the form that appears. After this, go to the email account that you provided and use the email you received from the system to set your password and then be sure to keep a record of it for future visits.

  • If you are a professional visitor, please contact the correctional facility directly to determine the process for obtaining “Professional Visitor” status. You can continue with the registration as a personal visitor in the meantime and once you obtain “Professional Visitor” status, you will see the label “Professional” next to your name on the homepage. In addition, your professional visits will not be monitored or recorded a er your status has been granted.

Scheduling & Availability:

All visitors must schedule an appointment 24-72 hours in advance and must pay for each scheduled session prior to visitation.

At the time of scheduling, the visitor must be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Inmate legal name and Jail ID number  

  2. Visitor official picture ID (i.e., driver’s license) (must be 18 yrs. of age or older)

  3. Visitor home address (family/friends only)

  4. Visitor telephone number

  5. Visitor email address

  6. Visitor office address (attorneys only)

Rappahannock Regional Jail At Home Visitation


For more information about this program, call the video visitation information line:





Visitors can now register for, schedule and conduct inmate visitations online. ​Please review all information and details provided for any special instructions before proceeding with account creation.

To register for an account, go to the visitation
website and click “Register Today.” Fill in the required information including a valid email address. If you do not have an email address, there are many webmail providers who offer free email accounts. An email account is required for video visitation account creation and for using the online registration tool.

Once you have registered on the video visitation website, check your email inbox for an email to finalize your registration. If you do not receive an email, check your spam/junk folder. If you still don’t see an email from the system, call 855-208-7349.


Next, log in using the temporary password provided in the email. You will be prompted to change your password. Be sure to pick a password you can remember, or note it in a secure location.

Rappahannock Regional Jail At Home Visitation

Schedule A Visit:

Video visits must be scheduled in advance. 

To schedule an inmate video visit, log in with the email address you used for registration and the new password you created after logging in with your temporary password. Click “Visitation” in the main menu, add any additional visitors that will attend the video visit and select the inmate you’d like to visit. If your site offers internet visits (see the back of this brochure) before scheduling an internet visit, use the INTERNET VISIT TESTER to ensure that your system is compatible.

Next, enter your preferred date, time and location and click “Search.” Click “Select” next to the desired video visitation time. NOTE: all visits are listed in the time zone of the facility of the internet visit.

If you select a paid visit, enter your billing information. All major credit cards, check cards and Visa® Gift Cards are accepted. On the next page, you can review selections and make changes. At the bottom of the page, indicate that you have reviewed the policies. Verify all the information on the page, and click “Confirm.” The status of the video visit should now be “Confirmed.” Upcoming video visits are shown on the Home page. Click a visit to review its details.

Rappahannock Regional Jail At Home Visitation

Check-In & Visit:

Visitors must log in to the website before your visit is scheduled to begin. Your upcoming visit will be highlighted in red when you log in. Click the play button on the right side of the red bar. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. After completing the tester, click “Start Visit,” then “Allow.” Your visit will begin at the scheduled time.

Visit History:

To view information about past visits, click the “View Visit History” link under the “My Account” tab.

All visits are scheduled by the visitor by going to or by downloading GTL’s Android Apps in the Google Play Store by searching “GTL Inmate Visits.” Be sure the visitor downloads BOTH Apps!

Rappahannock Regional Jail At Home Visitation


To cancel a visit, click “Cancel Visit” on the summary page in your account, or click the “X” next to the visit on the home page. You will then be asked to confirm your cancellation. All video visits must be canceled prior to the start of the visit or you will be expected to show and deemed a no-show if you fail to attend. Full refunds will be issued for visits canceled by the facility (except if due to policy violations).

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